Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Anderco has a long history of doing business in ways that are socially, environmentally, and economically responsible. Our commitment to doing the right thing has always been central to how we operate as a company. It is deeply valued by employees and customers alike.  As Anderco has grown in size, so has the ability to drive positive change in communities from which it sourced product. In 2008, Anderco set goals in the areas where they can have the greatest impact: ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

In 2009 Anderco took significant steps toward achieving these goals and also encountered challenges. Most notably, extraordinary global economic conditions forced Anderco to make some difficult business decisions. While Anderco adopted considerable cost-saving initiatives and invested in the customer experience to support long-term, profitable growth, Anderco remained committed to responsible business practices.

Anderco is in the process of aligning itself to  ISO 26000 which provides guiding principles  for Corporate Social  Responsibility.

Environmental and Sustainability Plan

Anderco recognises that in it’s day-to-day operations, as a business, it inevitably impacts on the environment in a number of ways. We are cognisant of this and are committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of our activities wherever and whenever possible. We continuously strive to mitigate any harmful effects of our activities on the environment and to operate in a manner that is environmentally responsible and economically sound. In    particular, Anderco commits to:

In addition, Anderco is focused on continuous environmental improvement and reducing energy  consumption in it’s operating facilities. Consequently, it has implemented maintenance programmes to increase the energy efficiency associated with lighting, heating and air conditioning, as well as monitoring water use.

Anderco recommends that customers collaborate to maximise recycling in line with their environmental, health and safety goals. Anderco is happy to assist in reducing the amount of packaging waste associated with products supplied and can recommended measures to reduce such waste, with due consideration of the packaging requirements for individual products under safety legislation.

Anderco aims to engage all employees to help identify and manage our environmental risks and minimise our environmental impacts so that we can go beyond compliance and reduce our environmental footprint.

Ethical Sourcing

The vision of Anderco’s Ethical Standards Programme (ESP) is sourcing ethically through a socially responsible framework. The
programme exists to strengthen the implementation of positive labour and environmental practices in factories, to bring opportunities for a better life in the countries where merchandise for sale by Anderco is sourced, and to verify factory compliance with our Standards of Manufacturers (code of conduct). We are committed to working with our manufacturers and other stakeholders to accomplish these objectives and to address challenges with sustainable solutions. It is Anderco’s number one priority to ensure that no underage labour is used in the manufacture of the products it supplies.

Environmental Stewardship

Apart from the Environmental polices mentioned above, Anderco regularly runs programmes that offer dual benefits to both
the Environment and the people that occupy it.

Community Involvement

Anderco has long recognised the importance of involvement in the community and continually strives to integrate  wherever possible. Anderco encourages and enables our people to get involved in the causes that are important to them thereby supporting hundreds of local community charities and initiatives.

Anderco recognises that for many individuals giving something back to the community is very important. Employee volunteering is a tangible and measurable investment in the community.

Communities are about connections, commitments, and the common good. We support those ideals, and the people who put them to work. Anderco Management, employees, and their families are actively involved in the lives of communities across the countries we operate in.  It’s a natural extension of what we do every day, protecting people and helping put their lives back together. On our own time you’ll find us running recycling projects, supporting youth groups, partnering with other organisations, raising money and awareness for worthy causes of all kinds.

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