Eye protection

Eye Protection

Eye injuries, causing temporary or permanent vision loss, occur most commonly in suituations where workers fail to wear eye protection or wear an inappropriate type. Experts believe that 90 percent of all accidents involving eye injury can be prevented, or reduced in severity, by the implementation of safety eyewear where the hazard of flying objects, chemicals, harmful radiation, or a combination of these, occur. Modern safety eyewear combines maximum protection with optimal comfort and stylish design. In our Eye Protection catalogue, we have detailed a cross section of products which represent those most commonly used in industry today. Our stock products are available for 24 hour delivery. Also included is detailed information on the relevant product standards to assist you with the selection process. Should you have a requirement which is not met by our catalogue, please contact our Sales Helpdesk on 1850 303304 for assistance.


Laser Safety Eyewear
If eyes are not protected adequately when working with laser beams, severe damage can occur. The unprotected human eye is extremely sensitive to laser radiation and can be permanently damaged from direct or reflected beams. The extent of ocular damage is determined by the laser irradiance, exposure duration and beam size. As laser retinal burns may be painless and the damaging beam sometimes invisible, maximum care should be taken to provide adequate eye protection.



EN165 Personal eye protection. Vocabulary. 
EN166 Performance standard. General specifications (spectacle, goggle, visor, and prescription spectacle).
EN167 Methods for optical tests.
EN168 Methods for tests other than optical.

Standards by types if filters (lenses)
EN169 Welding filters, transmittance requirements and recommended use.
EN170 Ultraviolet filters, transmittance requirements and recommended use.
EN171 Infrared filters, transmittance requirements and recommended use.
EN172 Sun glare filters for industrial use.
EN175 Equipment for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes.
EN207 Filters and eye protectors against laser radiation.
EN208 Eye protection for alignment work on lasers and laser systems.
EN379 Automatic welding filters.
EN1731 Mesh visor specifications.
EN14458 Face shields and visors for use by fire-fighters. According to the legislation, laser safety eyewear should not only absorb laser light of a given wavelength but also be able to withstand a direct hit from the laser without breaking or melting. For example, an EN207 specification might read IR 315-532 L6. Here the letters IR indicate the laser working mode (in this case pulsed). The range 315-532 indicates the wavelength range in nanometres. Finally, the scale number L6 indicates the lower limit for the optical density.

Lens Markings

Lens Markings
The eyewear lens may bear the following notations: 2-6 Indicates the type of filter (level of protection). E.g. 2 & 3 = UV, 4 = IR, 5 & 6 = Solar. C Enhanced colour recognition for lens category 2 or 4.
1.2 Indicates the shade of lens (between 1.2 & 8 for spectacles and goggles).
W Manufacturer’s identification code (in this case, Uvex).
1-3 Optical class (1 = best quality, 2 – medium quality, 3 = low quality).
-/S/F/B/A Mechanical strength (no symbol = medium robustness, S – increased robustness, F = low energy impact 45 m/s, B = medium energy impact 120 m/s, A = high energy (190 m/s).
T Resistance to high speed particles at extremes of temperature (-5°C & +55°C).
8 Resistance to short circuit electric arc. 9 Non-adherence of molten metal and resistance to penetration of hot solids (goggles only).
K Resistance to surface damage by fine particles.
N Resistance to misting.
R Enhanced reflectance.
O (O) for original lens, (V) for replacement lens.
CE Conformity symbol.

Frame Markings

Frame Markings
The eyewear frame may bear the following notations: W Manufacturer’s identification code (in this case, Uvex). EN166 EN standard Fields of use.
  • 3 = basic.
  • 4 = large dust particles.
  • 5 = gas and fine dust particles.
  • 8 = short circuit electric arc.
  • 9 = Molten metals and hot solids (goggles only).
0196 Number of certification body. -/S/F/B/A Mechanical strength (no symbol = medium robustness, S – increased robustness, F = low energy impact 45 m/s, B = medium energy impact 120 m/s, A = high energy (190 m/s) - Optional. T Resistance to high speed particles at extremes of temperature (-5°C & +55°C). H Indicates that the eye protector is designed to fit a small head. CE Conformity symbol.

Protective Eyewear

Protective Eyewear
Protective eyewear - in the form of goggles, glasses and shields - provides the principal means of protection against ocular injury. Laser safety eyewear is designed to reduce the amount of incident light of specific wavelengths to safe levels, while transmitting sufficient light for good vision. The frame provides side protection from the laser beam. The legal requirements demand that the frame withstand the same level of radiation as the filters fitted for stability against laser radiation. Each laser requires a specific type of protective eyewear and the factors that must be considered during selection are:
  • Laser wavelength.
  • Radiant exposure or irradiance.
  • Maximum permissible exposure.
  • Optical density.
  • Visible light transmission.
  • Radiant exposure or irradiance at which damage to eyewear occurs.
  • Peripheral vision requirements.
  • Need for prescription glasses.
  • Effects on colour vision.
  • Absence of irreversible bleaching of the filter.
  • Degradation or modification of absorbing media even if temporary or transient.<
  • Impact resistance.
  • Comfort and ventilation.



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