Chainsaw protection

Chainsaw Protection

Note: no protective equipment can provide 100% protection against chainsaw cuts. PPE does not replace proper training and correct working practices. The EN381 norm for protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws specifies the level of protection in relation to the chain speed and the surface of the protective clothing. This data is precisely set out in EN381-5 for leg coverage and EN 381-11 for upper body coverage.


The standard defines 3 types of protection: Types A & B - these are mainly intended to provide protection to professional lumber jacks during forestry work.   Type C - are mainly intended to provide protection to inexperienced users of chainsaws or to professionals in exceptional situations.
For types A and B the protection must be fixed permanently at the sides of the protective padding and the protection must resist to a force ofmin. 200 N. This standard also prescribes 3 classes that correspond to the chain speed with which the tests have been done.
Class Chain Speed
Class 1 20 m/s
Class 2 24 m/s
Class 3 28 m/s


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