Occupational hygiene monitoring

As part of our Professional Service Offering we provide a professional consultancy service to a wide range of industries and companies nationwide. The following is a list of the services we provide.

Occupational Hygiene Assessment (Chemical, Dust, Noise & Vibration)

Occupational hygiene assessment and monitoring is an important part of a company’s health and safety management system. Monitoring may be carried out for varies reasons; ensure workers protection, base line exposure information, check adequacy of controls, routine checks, legal requirements etc.
Monitoring can give vital information regarding workers exposure to hazardous agents such as dust, noise, chemicals in the workplace.

  • Air
    Occupational hygiene air sampling is the technical process by which a worker’s personal exposure to a chemicals/dust in the workplace is determined by air monitoring. A worker is usually fitted with a sampling pump connected to a sample collector and monitored over a period of time. The sample is then analysed for the contaminant in question. This is followed by series of scientific calculations to determine the workers occupational exposure to that contaminant. This exposure can then be compared to national standards set by the Health and Safety Authority or other such recognised body.
  • Noise
    It is a legal requirement for employers to carry out a risk assessment on agents in the workplace which might cause adverse health effects to their employees. Employers must ensure they are in compliance of European and Irish health and safety legislation, including the new the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, where stringent limits have been set for workers exposure to noise. Carrying out monitoring will give you that vital information that you require ensuring that you are in compliance and that workers are not exposed to unsafe noise levels.

Anderco deliverer a professional and fully comprehensive service and will provide advice and recommendations that arise from our assessment.


Environmental Emission Monitoring (Air, Noise, Water)


Environmental emission monitoring is an important part of a company’s environmental management system. Monitoring may be carried out for varies reasons; IPPC licence requirement, waste licence requirement, local authority licence requirement, complaints, monitoring equipment validation, check adequacy of abatement equipment, etc.

  • Air
    Air emission monitoring is a highly technical procedure and requires experienced and trained professionals and the correct equipment to carry out this monitoring correctly. Our Consultant has over 30 years’ experience in emission monitoring all over Ireland and was involved in the setting up Ireland’s first semi-state department to carry out such monitoring. We have the experience and knowledge to provide your company with the highest quality of service.
  • Noise
    Using a Type-1 real time sound level meter with one third octave band capability, Wright Environmental Services will carry out a thorough assessment of noise emissions from your facility and will compile results, comparing them to appropriate limits in a comprehensive report.
  • Water
    Ground water needs to be pumped from a well to obtain sample. Surface water can usually be taken from an interceptor onsite. After collection, we send samples to a laboratory for determination of contaminant concentrations. After analysis, a comprehensive report detailing the results is compiled for our client.
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
    Complaints of stuffy atmosphere, headaches, sinus irritation or dry air are common place in many workplaces. This is often referred to as “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Back in the 80’s/90’s, one of our consultants was the Irish technical expert on the European Collaborative Action Steering committee on Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Man. From this role he gained the expertise to create and develop this service within IIRS (Enterprise Ireland) and now extends it to many workplaces nationally.

Anderco can provide experienced and knowledgeable consultants to carry out a thorough and comprehensive indoor air quality investigation to determine the quality of the indoor air in the workplace and provide guidance on recommended standards.

Ambient Air Monitoring (Dust Fall Out)

Ambient air monitoring is an important part of a company’s environmental management system. Monitoring may be carried out for varies reasons; EPA requirement, local authority requirement, complaints, determination of background levels, Environmental Impact Assessments etc.

Our Consultants have many years’ experience providing such a professional service to clients. We install, change, collect and analysis deposit gauges to measure dust fall out concentrations. We then provide a comprehensive report to our client, comparing results to relevant standards.


Dispersion Modelling

Dispersion modelling is an important part of a company’s environmental management system. Dispersion modelling may be required during; the planning stage, expansion, changes to processes etc.
We use state of the art software to determine ground level concentrations of contaminants due to emissions from a facility. A report is then drawn up which compares concentrations to Irish and European standards


Other Services

We use our professional experience to offer technical advice to help deal with and manage any other environmental or health and safety issues that arises.

This may include Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment, IPPC Licence application, risk assessments etc.



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