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What can Anderco’s Health & Safety Software Package  Do For Your Company?
Health & Safety management can be a paper intensive and arduous task. It is an  essential element within all industries for a safe and secure workforce but it is  something that can consume time within an organisation and take your staff  away from core business activities. Traditionally expensive, software management  systems have been restricted to major corporations and multi-nationals.



By using our online management system it can revolutionise how you approach health & safety management within your organisation. The responsibilities that fall upon your safety professionals consist of Risk Assessments, Employee Training, Incident Reporting & Investigation and much more. With time and resources being crucial to the effective management of any organisation, our online system allows health & safety professionals a simple and systematic approach to ensure your organisations safety and success. Anderco’s software has not only raised the bar in simplicity and functionality but also lowered the cost of managing this area through it’s competitively priced solfware solution.

  • Save time & money
  • Tighter control of H&S budget
  • Reduce non-value add activity
  • Central point for all H&S information
  • Real-Time auditing capabilities
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Detailed reporting & trend analysis
  • Increased information flow
  • Reduction in loss time through developing an incident reporting culture

Critical Tool in Safety Management

Health & Safety management goes beyond merely training and record management. Having a proactive system that will monitor all the required elements from identification to completion is a critical tool in safety management. Some of the key elements identified for successful health & safety management include:

- Policy Development
- Organisational Development
- Planning & Implementation
- Measuring Performance
- Reviewing Performance
- Continued & Consistent Auditing

Anderco’s health & safety package is designed to allow the seamless integration of your current management system to a complete software solution or if you are developing or redesigning a management system within your organisation, our health & safety manager is the ideal foundation on which to build.

System Integration

A key factor in any system selection is the ability to integrate into your current company operation and infrastructure. With Anderco’s history in software system development and implementation we have extensive experience with system integration. For a company that
already relies heavily on any installed software package we can provide a communication platform between this and our health & safety management system. This ensures the removal of duplication of work across your systems further enforcing our key goals of providing a streamlined, efficient approach to business systems management.



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